The Kilgors modules are digital-based interactive simulations constructed using gaming technologies. Kilgors is a multi-divisional company with a focus on the wine, hospitality and entertainment industries; which commenced in 1995 as a small wine company but has now grown into a multidivisional company that listed in 2006. The objectives of the modules are to:
  • Create a stimulating classroom environment using contemporary technologies to explore management accounting issues.
  • Simulate the industry and organisational environment for students through interactive virtual environments, video footage, and tools/spreadsheets.
  • For students to engage in decision-making about courses of action in response to changing circumstances.
  • For students to receive feedback on the implications of each of their decisions with respect to the impact of their decision.

Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard Simulation module focuses on the Wine Division of Kilgors. The case is a digital-based simulation which allows students to develop a balanced scorecard for the Wine Division based on a diverse set of information and background. Students are then presented with three different scenarios, driven by internal and/or external events, and are asked to make decisions as they see the best course of action for the Division. The causal impact of the student’s decision is reflected in the scorecard development. A series of reflections and discussion points are inserted throughout the simulation, which enables students the opportunity to question their decisions. The simulation is framed with the objective of providing an interactive classroom experience. Kilgors uses interviews, commentaries and winery footage and is structured using gaming technologies.

Strategic Capital Investment

The second Kilgors module is focused around strategic capital investments, whereby students are part of the activities of the capital investment review committee of Kilgors. Their primary tasks are to test the new strategic investment evaluation tool by analysing two competing projects: one from the Wine Division and one from the Hotels Division. The simulation uses interactive meetings and presentations by project champions, while student tasks(spreadsheets) are uploaded to the simulation for feedback.

Profit Planning

The third module, Lucro Island is focused around profit planning and budget processes of the Hotels Division.

This module draws on gaming simulation technology offering the students the opportunity to run their hotel over three years.

Students compete for strategic advantage based on the design and strategic management of their product mix.

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