A series of reflections and discussion points are inserted throughout the simulations.

Moreover, feedback to the instructor on the student decisions is available in graphical form to guide class discussion.

Comprehensive teaching notes are available.


This module is focused around performance management issues. Students are required to develop a balanced scorecard for the Wine Division of Kilgors as well as engage in decision making around the dynamic environment of the industry. The simulation uses interviews, commentaries and winery footage and is structured using gaming technologies.


This module is focused around strategic capital investments. Students are part of the activities of the capital investment review committee of Kilgors. Their primary tasks are to test the new strategic investment evaluation tool by analysing two competing projects: one from the Wine Division and one from the Hotels Division. The simulation uses interactive meetings and presentations by project champions, while student tasks are uploaded to the simulation for feedback.

Profit Planning

This module is focused around profit planning and budget processes of the Hotels Division. This module draws on gaming simulation technology offering the students the opportunity to run their hotel over 3 years. Students compete for strategic advantage based on the design and strategic management of their product mix.


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